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I LOVE LOVE encapsulating placentas*

The placenta is such an amazing growth that happens when a pregnancy starts. The placenta filters blood and sends nutrition to baby keeping baby growing until birth. Once baby is born the placenta is born soon after. Many do not realize this amazing organ can offer such goodness postpartum. If you choose to consume your placenta you give your body back lots of the iron lost during birth. The placenta is also full of good hormones that can help get you feeling a bit like yourself faster. Also another added benefit is a boost in your milk production which is a game changer for many trying to feed their baby breastmilk. I am certified through Woman's Choice Prenatal Services and also have a certification with blood borne pathogens class and sanitizing practices. I offer the traditional method of encapsulation where placenta is steamed with lemons, dehydrated,  grinded up, and placenta powder placed in dye free vegan capsules. My placenta encapsulation package is $300 and includes your pills, a cord keepsake, and a colored placenta print. 


                                                   I also offer:

*Placenta Tincture $25 

 a tincture made with a small piece of the placenta mixed with vodka and put in a glass dropper bottle. This amazing tincture can be kept a life time and then used for hormone replacement once you start your graceful years of menopause 

*Placenta Salve $25 

this salve is made from small pieces of dried placenta, dried lavender from my home garden, organic coconut oil, and local beeswax. This amazing salve can then be used for any skin issues to include diaper rash, sore nipples, eczema, and skinned knees 

Placenta Encapsulation 

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