Hi I'm Amy Locke: 


          I was born and grew up a in small town in Alabama. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 boys. Samuel and Henry live here on earth with us and Alexander lives in heaven. We are an Air Force family and currently live in Washington DC. We love to travel and camp, hike, canoe, and explore national parks.

          My idea of birth changed once I became pregnant with my second son. I wanted a different experience. It's that mantra of "know better do better" I wanted my ideal birth so I started searching constantly for how I wanted my dream birth to go.  My second little boy was born in a German hospital with a midwife. (We were stationed at a German air base) I chose to have an unmedicated birth and after he was born my eyes were open to how much better his birth was than my first. After he got older and we moved back to the States I knew I wanted to become a certified doula. I knew I wanted to help each mama reach her ideas of how birth should be. I want to educate others in the options of birth and I want every person I work with to look back on the day their baby was born and remember the feelings of love, peace, relaxation, and comfort that hiring a doula helps create. I do respect each choice a mama makes in her birth plan. I accept that each mama will have a different idea of her ideal birth and so I respect that choice to birth her way. 

          I am so very proud to have chosen to certify through Birth Boot Camp. After I completed my online classes and attended the Birth Boot Camp Doula training classes I can now proclaim that I am a certified Birth Boot Camp Doula. BBCD