Before Labor

 Before your baby is born I want to spend time getting to know each birthing person and their birth partner. I offer a free consultation for us to chat and get to know each other. After you decide to hire me I am on call for you any time you have a question or concern or weird feeling that you can't explain. Also I will meet with you twice to discuss your ideal birth and ways to achieve those goals. I want to chat with you about your birth plan and help inform you of the decisions to be made before the birth day arrives. I want to "know" you and I strive to spend at least 2 hours at each appointment so that I truly know you and what your wishes are for your new baby. If at the end of the 2 prenatal appointments I'm not confident that I know your birth wishes I will recommend another appointment for no extra charge. 

During Labor

 Once you believe you are having signs of labor please call me even if you aren't sure of what you are feeling. I want to prepare myself and my family for leaving to come support you. If  you want to labor at home before heading to the hospital/birth center I will come to your home. If you want to head to your birth location I will follow you/meet you there in my car. I will stay with you giving hands on support throughout your labor and birth. I bring a bag of items to create a peaceful and relaxing environment along with items to help you throughout labor. By this point I know you and you know me and we can work together along with your birth partner to welcome your new baby into the world. 

After Labor

After your sweet new baby is in your arms and you are both tucked into bed safe and healthy I will take my leave. This is normally 2-3 hours after the birth. I like to stay to make sure mama has a meal to eat and that she have gotten out of bed once. I am also very experienced with breastfeeding so I like to offer support on helping baby latch if breastfeeding is your feeding choice.I make a postnatal home visit after you and baby are home. We can discuss your birth experience and any questions or concerns you have. This meeting is  for me to really just love on you and baby and make sure things are going good for you both. I am on call for any questions or concerns you have until baby is 3 months old. 

Placenta Encapsulation

 I offer a few options for placenta encapsulation: I offer the Chinese method which includes steaming the placenta with lemons and ginger. Once the placenta is steamed then it is dehydrated and encapsulated in vegan dye free capsules. I offer the steamed method where the placenta is steamed by itself then is dehydrated and placed in vegan dye free capsules. I also offer the raw method where the placenta is placed right into the dehydrator and taken out and placed into the vegan dye free capsules. The encapsulation of your placenta offers so many great benefits during the postpartum time to include a boost in energy, balances hormones, replaces lost iron, and helps with milk production. With each encapsulation I do a print of your placenta as a gift to you and a cord keepsake. You can choose to include the encapsulation with my AMAZINGLY package  for $1200 or I offer just the encapsulation for $300.


 I offer different doula support packages ranging from $950 to $1200. My $950 SIMPLY package is simply me attending the birth and 1 postpartum visit. My $1050 LOVELY package includes 2 prenatal visits, the birth, and 1 postpartum visit. My $1200 AMAZINGLY package includes 2 prenatal visits, the birth, 1 postpartum visit, and placenta encapsulation with placenta print included. I can make a payment plan just for you if you ask. The complete balance MUST be paid before I arrive at your birth. 


I offer a 10% discount to all military.